Using Technology to Connect Family and Friends

At Glende-Nilson Funeral Home, we understand the importance of attending a funeral or memorial service when a death occurs. Living in a mobile society, we also realize that this isn’t always possible.  


To better accommodate the needs of family and friends separated by distance, we are proud to be the only funeral home in our area to offer three key ways of allowing them to take part in the funeral service.


How many times have you had to miss an event only to hear “you should have been here to hear…”  Fill in the blank.  The same is true for those of us unable to attend the funeral service.  We hear about the eloquent words spoken by the eldest son, or perhaps the lovely rendition of “Ave Maria” that was sung.  By recording video of the funeral service and uploading it to our website, we are now able to provide family and friends a way to view the funeral service when they are unable to attend the ceremony.


Also known as a service folder, memorial folders are typically created as a keepsake item for family and friends to take home with them following a funeral or memorial.  This simple brochure includes information on the ceremony, the complete obituary, and generally contains information pertaining to the services held.  By offering this electronically on our website, family and friends who were unable to attend services are able to go online and view the memorial folder and even print it on their own if desired.


One of the most enjoyable components of celebrating any life event is reminiscing about years past and nothing invokes these memories and helps tell the story better than photographs.

Although some of us are more photogenic than others, most of us have a countless number of photos that tell the story of our lives.  From baby pictures to all of those special events and eventually our later memories, photos tell the story of the path we have taken in life.

Like many funeral homes, we have the ability to create a professionally produced slide show of photos to be played in conjunction with a visitation and ceremony.  Because we value service and including family and friends who may not be nearby, we also include this video on our website.


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